Police across New York State will be taking part in the “Buckle Up New York, Click it Or Ticket” traffic safety campaign.

Starting today, members of law enforcement will be keeping a close eye out for drivers who aren’t wearing their seat belts while behind the wheel.

Oneida County Sheriff's Office
Oneida County Sheriff's Office

The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee has set a strategic goal to increase the observed statewide seat belt use rate and to decrease unrestrained occupant fatalities in passenger vehicles.

According to the GTSC, about 33-percent of the front-seat occupants killed on New York State roadways are unrestrained.

When unbelted back seat occupants killed are included, the total unrestrained killed percentage rises to about 37%.

The strategies identified for accomplishing these goals include high visibility enforcement, public information and education.

During last year’s crackdown, more than 12,000 tickets were handed out for seat belt and child restraint violations.

Another 57,000 tickets were issued for infractions like speeding and distracted driving.

The Memorial Day Weekend initiative runs through June 5.

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