New York Comic Con hit the Empire State this past weekend, and one particular event at the Javits Center in Manhattan had sci-fi fans on the brink of tears, if they weren't bawling already.

The event in question happened on Saturday, and featured the reunion of the two stars of one of the most famous sci-fi franchises of all-time. Fans clapped and cheered along as the duo answered questions about their time on the movies, their lives and more.

It was a moment that will last a lifetime for movie fans everywhere.

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Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd Reunite On-Stage at NY Comic Con

As reported by a number of publications, including this article from Variety, sci-fi movie fans came from far-and-wide to witness the on-stage reunion of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the two main stars from the Back to the Future movie franchise.

From 1985 through 1990, Fox and Lloyd starred opposite one another in the original, and the two subsequent sequels, of Back to the Future. The trilogy made approximately $975.2 million at the box office combined, and has led to the creation of subsequent short films, video games, a television show and more.

Back to the Future
The cast of Back to the Future in 2002 / Getty Images

The future of the franchise was largely put on hold after its third iteration, following Michael J. Fox's shocking announcement that he had been been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The announcement came in 1998, but the diagnosis had been given back in 1991, and from that point on, Fox would begin to step away from major motion picture acting roles.

Fast forward to 2022, and no attempt has ever been made to re-make or re-boot the franchise, with writer Robert Zemeckis saying that no one besides Fox would ever play McFly again.

Facts like those make reunions like these all the more emotional. Take a look below:

No, we're not crying. It's just really dusty in here.

New York Comic Con 2022 - Day 3
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox at New York Comic Con 2022 / Getty Images

What blows me away about this video, and others that I saw showing various parts of the panel, is the genuine bond that these two share. Consider this, too: Fox wasn't even the first person cast as Marty McFly, as the part was re-cast six weeks into shooting.

From complete strangers forced together in front of a camera, to having this kind of bond 40 years later. What a moment in Manhattan this weekend.

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