It seems no matter how much we try to forget Stella, we can't. A new viral challenge is going around on social media called the Stella Challenge. Here's everything you need to know about it.

The Stella Challenge is simple: Jump into a pile of snow wearing a bathing suit. That's right, jump into a massive pile of snow that may be in your yard or workplace thanks to Stella. Here's some video from around the web:


Seems very cold and crazy right? Not everyone is choosing just the bathing suits, many are just diving in.

It's very entertaining, but can be very dangerous. Back in 2015, a similar challenge went viral called the Boston Blizzard Challenge. Business Insider worded the warning correctly then, which can apply today:

Leaping into snow banks carries all kinds of dangers. Jumpers who leap from high heights could land on a buried object and seriously injure themselves. Or they could underestimate the depth of the snow and hit the ground much harder than they intended. Even people who jump from low heights could hurt themselves on broken glass or other sharp objects buried in the snow."

Please use extreme caution if you plan on participating in this challenge.



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