The community is being asked to be on the lookout for large parties in the woods around Oneida County.

Since the end of June, police from various agencies around the county have been called to large parties
of young adults ranging in age from 16 to 25 years-old.

The parties are being promoted on Snapchat and are drawing mroe than 200 people, according to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol. "Individuals are both local residents as well as individuals from neighboring Counties. It has also been alleged that some of the individuals in attendance have local gang affiliations."

The parties seem to be happening in rural secluded wooded areas off of seasonal or dirt roads which are on both State owned and privately owned properties. Various alleged crimes have happened during the parties including, larceny, robbery, assault, menacing, underage drinking, and even shots being fired, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department shared. "As a result of these parties it was also found various items of property have been left behind, abandoned, as well as garbage and empty alcohol containers."

The public is being asked to be on the look out for any large parties that maybe occurring in their communities.

If you suspect a large party is occurring, or will happen, you can contact 911 or the Sheriffs Office at 315-736-0141. Tips can also be confidentially submitted through Crime Stoppers.

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