Do you live in or around Herkimer? It may be a good idea to keep your eyes peeled as a bear was spotted in a highly traveled area.

To quote someone who works at the radio station, "It isn't every day you see a bear in downtown Herkimer". That's what makes this a little nerve-wracking. Seeing a bear in a fairly unpopulated area isn't the oddest thing to see, but right in a densely populated portion of a city is a little more abnormal.

As seen there, the Herkimer Police are aware of it and asking your assistance if indeed the bear is spotted again roaming the streets. According to them, it has been a while without a spotting as it happened at 1 am. Officers actually followed the bear and haven't seen it since 6 am.

It seems there are quite a few more bear spotting than normal around Central New York and the Utica-Rome area. Over the weekend I know someone mentioned nearly hitting a bear with their car in the area of Newport, Honey Hill Road to be exact. How about that for some irony? A bear on Honey Hill Road. That was around Noon on Saturday. On top of that bears had been spotted roaming around in Madison which we reported on last week.

On the topic of the one in Herkimer, the Police Department is asking for you to let them know if you indeed do spot the city roaming bear so they can look further into the issue with the Department of Conservation (DEC).

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