What is it with people freaking out during the middle of a flight? Flying can be stressful enough, and now a growing phenomenon known as "air rage" has become such a problem, some flight attendants are actually being trained in self defense to deal with the issue. Another viral video has surfaced of an in-flight meltdown, that was reportedly so bad, a 22-year-old passenger had to be duct taped to his seat.

See the footage HERE.

NBC says the man had ordered two drinks and then allegedly brushed his cup against the backside of a nearby flight attendant. When the attendant told him not to touch her, the man decided he'd have yet another drink but ended up spilling it all over his shirt. NBC says that's when he went to the bathroom to clean up, but emerged from the facilities without his shirt on. An arrest report says the man was told he'd need to wear a shirt. The report goes on to say that the man then walked up and down the plane aisle for 15 minutes and alegledy groped a second attendent.

NBC says that a third flight attendant tried to get the man to stay in his seat, but the suspect instead punched him in the face. This is when passengers intervened and duct taped the unruly bro to his seat. Police say he was arrested when the Miami bound Frontier Airlines flight finally landed, and has been charged with three counts of battery,

What has gotten into people? Remember this story from a few months back? NBC NY says it all started when that a 42-year-old Mechanicville man was making multiple trips to the bathroom, while antagonizing passengers, and then touching a female passenger. A crew member also said the suspect was seen "snorting a white substance". NBC says the flight took off from JFK, en route to San Francisco, but had to make an emergency landing in Minneapolis to remove the unruly passenger.

Earlier in May, a JFK-bound flight was disrupted after a 28-year-old passenger allegedly picked a fight with flight attendants after she claimed they didn't pick up her trash. A complaint even indicates that the accused assailant bragged that the police weren't going to do anything about it. In this case, police did end up doing something about it, as ABC reports that an off-duty NYPD officer happened to be on the flight. The passenger was arrested once the plane landed at JFK.

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