If you like mud and obstacle courses, then we have the event for you. And the best news is, you'll be doing it for a good cause.

The Daniel Barden Mudfest is set to return to Deansboro for 2022. Known as "Boilermaker's Dirty Little Brother", the annual event invites runners on a long foot race through a series of mud pits and obstacles.

Many people call the Barden Mudfest a race like no other. Though it's not an easy race to get through, contestants walk away with more than just shoes full of mud. What keeps people coming back every year is the sense of adventure and fellowship they get from competing.

Erik Jacobsen is from Clinton and competes every year in the Mudfest. He says it's just as competitive as any other race he's done.

I've done 20-plus obstacle course races across the country, mostly competing in the elite/competitive categories. And Daniel Barden Mudfest definitely stacks up there among the best.

Erik says Mudfest really is a home-grown obstacle course that delivers all the goods. A fun time that he always has circled on his calendar every year.

Daniel Barden Mudfest
Daniel Barden Mudfest

So when is it? This years 5 Mile, 5K and Kids Mud Run are on April 23rd. The event is open to anyone and all that is asked is you help donate to the Barden Adventure Scholarship. Those who receive funding from the scholarship range from small local organizations to much larger national charities.

If you want a good laugh, here's a video of Polly from Big Frog 104 attempting to get through the Mud Run herself! Don't let her fool you, she enjoyed every minute of it!

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