If you're not a baker by any means, but want to whip something festive up for the holiday weekend, here's a recipe that will wow your entire family.

Oh, Sweet Basil's Red White and Blue Jello Poke Cake takes a regular sheet cake and gives it all the pop and bang you need to celebrate America's birthday.

All you'll need to make the poke cake is...

  • Ingredients for a sheet cake (If you're lazy like me, you'll just get boxed white cake mix along with water, butter and three eggs.)
  • Red and blue Jello packets (There's a lot of options for red; I prefer to use raspberry.)
  • Your choice of frosting or whipped cream
  • Red, white, and blue sprinkles

Start by making the cake as you normally would, and start preparing the Jello while the cake is in the oven. Be careful! This recipe calls for you to make the Jello a little bit different than usual. Next, you'll want to take a utensil that's about 1/2 inch thick and poke holes all over the top of the cake. Oh, Sweet Basil recommends the handle of a thin wooden spoon, a double tonged fork or a dowel for this part.

After the cake is nice and holey, pour your Jello into the holes, alternating the red and blue colors. Throw your creation into the refrigerator to cool for at least two hours. If you choose to let it stay in the fridge overnight, cover it with plastic wrap.

When you're ready to serve, take your poke cake out of the fridge and top with frosting or whipped cream and some sprinkles to add a little pizzazz. And voila! You've got yourself a treat that'll impress everyone at your festive Fourth of July get-together.

You can read more tips on making the perfect Jello Poke Cake on Oh, Sweet Basil's website.

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