One Albany native is making headlines in the conspiracy part of the internet. Supposedly, he got a voicemail message with secret government codes.

Twitter user @strayedaway posted a series of tweets with a video highlighting a strange voicemail message he received. Currently the Twitter account is set to private.

The voicemail message, which you can listen to on YouTube, has an automated voice relaying a message over and over again. Conspiracy theorist are claiming the message translates from the NATO phonetic alphabet. The message rambles off random words and those words are turned into code:

"Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS," is the translated message."

The twitter user also reports that he noticed a strange man taking photos outside his house a few days before receiving this message. Are the two related?

First off, let's dig in. Why would some stranger receive such an important government message, if that truly is the case? Second, what isn't human? Are we talking aliens and ET?

Currently there are several theories on the internet dealing with this voicemail. Let me highlight them for you:

1) A few people noted that the voicemail’s coordinates corresponded with the area of the Malaysian airplane crash.

Their theory is that the voicemail was a black box recording from the plane as it was going down. So basically, the SOS referenced a potential last ditch effort to survive. According to the theory, Ty may have received the message because crash occurred during two solar flares. So, the atmosphere was putting out more electromagnetic pulses and thus upping the potential for a lost or redirected message."

Seems a little odd right? The not human part could deal with what took the plane down.

2) One area if you take the coordinates of the message, take you to a barren area off the coast of Africa in the republic of the Congo. What could be going on there? Are we looking at a secret government project taking place?

3) This is a clever marketing campaign for the new Cloverfield movie that is set to release later this year. The movies theme deals with WW2. Cloverfield launches all sorts of internet tricks of the trade to help spread the word of their movies. Similar to how "clowns" were spotted all over the nation during the release of the updated IT movie.

What do you think?


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