They say cats are the ones with 9 lives, but here's one dog that may have 90 . This is truly an amazing story of a miracle dog struck by a car on Monday in Albany, who somehow survived a 45-minute drive to Rotterdam trapped inside the bumper.

Kumi Tucker from News Channel 13 has the incredible story and pictures to prove what happened on Monday.  According to the report, a dog named Coco, was struck by a moving car in  Albany. While the woman who hit him stopped and checked to see what she may have hit, she saw nothing and  noticed damage to her front grill. Little did she know the good boy was actually trapped inside the bumper.

Somehow, someway Coco managed to sustain only some minor cuts and scratches as the woman continued on to Rotterdam (some 45 minutes) with the pooch in the fender.

According to Tucker's story, the driver of the vehicle pulled over to the side of the road in Rotterdam after hearing noises.  When she saw Coco trapped inside her grill, she called police.

Check out these amazing photos from News Channel 13 of the damaged car and cute Coco innocently peaking his head out of the bumper.  He's one lucky dog.


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