Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) litter is showing up in parking lots everywhere. Those who toss used PPE on the ground instead of putting it in the garbage could be fined $500.00.

All New York State residents must use a mask or mouth and nose covering in public when you cannot maintain social distancing. Another Executive Order states employers who are still open for business must supply employees with free face masks if they are associating with the public. That's a lot of

PPE cannot be recycled as it could get others sick and must be thrown in the trash, not on streets or sidewalks. Rome PD says not disposing of PPE properly can result in a littering violation, and lead to a fine of up to $500.

Littering used PPE is a crime, and those who pick it up must treat it like it's contaminated.

The CDC reminds us to safely remove PPE without contaminating clothing, skin, or mucous membranes with potentially
infectious materials.


The proper removal and disposal of contaminated PPE is the most difficult challenge in preventing COVID-19.


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