Ah, the munchies. They're an inevitable part of partaking in cannabis. Snacking while high can either be a highly enjoyable experience, or if you're counting calories, a detriment. But on Wednesday, April 20th (4/20) two Utica businesses are not only encouraging you to give into the munchies, they want to reward you for it.

Grilled cheese specialists The Compound is teaming with Utica Coffee Roasting Co. to bring a unique eating challenge to Utica: Consume their loaded baked potato burger, a side of soup, and a 32oz Utica Coffee within 20 minutes, and win a prize.

On paper, that may not sound all that hard, but wait til you hear what a "loaded baked potato burger" actually is: two burger patties, topped with a loaded baked potato, stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches, which act as buns. So yeah, to say that's going to be a calorie bomb is an understatement. Plus you have to consume a side of tomato bisque and 32oz of cold brew coffee as well. That's probably the equivalent of 3 days' worth of calories in one sitting.

The event posting invites you to "experience pure gluttony live" at their location of 106 Genesse Street in Utica.

If you're not used to weed culture, here's a rundown on what "420" is: It's considered a "marijuana holiday" where getting high is encouraged. Its exact origin is debated, but the most widely-accepted theory is that it was started in the 1970s by a group of California teenagers who routinely smoked marijuana every day at exactly 4:20pm. The 4:20 time eventually manifested as 4/20 on the calendar, and now the whole day is seen as a socially acceptable timeframe to imbibe in marijuana. (There was an urban legend that said 420 was police penal code for marijuana possession, but this is not the case.)

The Compound's Facebook post says that registration is limited, but those interested should email thecompoundcny@gmail.com. Or if you just want to burn one and come watch, it should be pretty groovy.

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