After months of asking the media asking questions, Governor Cuomo has officially pulled the plug and announced the 2020 New York State Fair is cancelled.

The governor said it was cancelled “out of an abundance of caution” also acknowledging the amount of money that has been spent on the fair already this year.

"This is a really tough one," Cuomo said citing the fair's attendance record in 2019. "We've had record attendance - 1.3 million people last year."

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The status of the fair has been up in the air since April. Cuomo said opening the fair "would not be good," adding it could attract visitors from all over the state. At that time, Cuomo said the entire state would need to be opened before the fair could happen.

Cuomo said at the end of June they were working on a finalized answer if the fair would be able to operate. In early June, the contracts for the vendors were extended to July 15th. 

The dates of the fair were extended for the first time in the fair's history to increase the run to 18 days. It was scheduled from Aug. 21 to Sept. 7.

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