This Thursday is one of the big days of the year where you and your family and friends will sit down and have dinner together.

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It is Thanksgiving and this is the perfect place for Western New York Dads to take control of the table and let the guest have a couple of laughs with the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Dads will be in the spotlight as they carve up the turkey and get ready to say grace, so it is a perfect time to unleash some amazingly awful bad dad jokes about Thanksgiving.

The key to a great and really awful bad dad joke is that the joke has to be just a little funny but overall make most of the people groan with disgust.

Of course for it truly to be a Bad Dad Joke, the dad telling the joke also has to laugh really hard at the joke too!

So if you are a dad you have to make sure that you have plenty of bad dad jokes ready to go to entertain the family. Below you will find 20 really, really awful bad dad jokes.

Of course, if you use any of these jokes on Thanksgiving, please DO NOT give us any credit. REPEAT...DO NOT GIVE US CREDIT!

Take all the credit yourself. It is time that you got the whole spotlight shone on you. Take in all the glory of these really bad dad jokes.

Again...please if you use these jokes on Thursday, please DO NOT give us any of the credit. We don't want anyone to know we were involved in the telling of these awful jokes.

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