Throughout history, Utica, NY has been a city of manufacturers that since its inception, has created goods for New York State, the nation and the world. If you check on selling websites like eBay, you'll find Utica-made antiques and collectables that are pulling in a pretty decent price tag.

Many of the businesses and manufacturers have since gone out of business, which can certainly add to the item's value. Others like the F.X. Matt Brewing Company have passed the test of time, and merchandise that sold throughout their long history has gained value throughout the years. Schultz and Dooley Steins are highly collectable, especially the vintage ones from the 1950s and 60s.

We searched eBay recently and found several antiques and collectables on ebay that have come from Utica. We selected the highest-priced items on sale right now and put them in a gallery for you.

17 Amazing Vintage Utica, NY Collectables Selling Right Now on Ebay

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