People are using all types of methods to find out who's winning the Super Bowl this year. None of these predictions matter when you can go to the best source for an answer. Animals.

The Utica Zoo is joining in on the Super Bowl fun this year by having their animals predict the winner. It isn't just one animal who has the magic at the zoo though. Every animal is getting their chance to decide whether they want the Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals holding up the Lombardi Trophy.

The first round of predictions went to the Zoo's African Painted Dogs. Their names are Charlie, Ada, and Rosie. The group seemingly all chose the Rams at first, but they all made a quick switch to the Bengals shortly after. According to the Utica Zoo "translators", the dogs believe the Rams will come out with a quick lead but will end up falling short, leaving the Bengals on top.

Staff at the Utica Zoo were inspired to do the predictions this year because of who's in the big game. The last time two NFL teams with animal themed names met in the Super Bowl was 6 years ago in 2016. That was when Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to victory against the 15-1 Carolina Panthers. (FUN FACT: The Super Bowl MVP that year was Von Miller, who was traded this season to the L.A. Rams)

The second prediction came this Monday from a different animal. The Cotton Top Tamarins were given the choice between both teams. This time two enrichment items were tied from the tree for Dharma, Tom, and Sawyer. The "translators" say the Tamarin's deliberated back and forth between the two teams, but in the end went with the Bengals as the winners. So far the Cincinnati Bengals are up 2-0!

Tuesday's prediction went to the Transcaspian Urials, who's names are Aankhen, Pyari, and Samina. Unsurprisingly, their prediction went in favor of the Rams. This still leaves the Bengals with a 2-1 favor. To stay updated on the daily predictions, follow the Utica Zoo on social media.

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