This weekend Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that the county has rescinded its mandate that fans would need to be vaccinated to attend Buffalo Bills home games and other events at HighMark stadium.

The stadium is owned by Erie County and they had the final say in the decision on whether to allow non-vaccinated fans into games and other events at the stadium.

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The county has been working closely with New York State and the Buffalo Bills over the past 18 months to make sure that fans would be safe while inside the stadium.

On Sunday afternoon, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted out that based on  low numbers of positive COVID-19 cases (0 on Friday and 4 on Saturday), low hospitalizations, and good vaccination rates the county would life the vaccination mandate to attend Buffalo Bills games,

The county executive did end his tweet with the line "We will revisit in the future if circumstances warrant" which means that if we see an increase of cases, hospitalization, or a different strain of COVID-19 impact the area, vaccines could be required again to attend games and events.

New York State lifted most of their COVID-19 mandates last week which required socially distancing, mask-wearing, and had certain rules for businesses to follow.

That tweet by the county executive is a big deal since Buffalo has one of the best home-field advantages in the entire National Football League. Plenty of players both current and former said that playing in Buffalo is one of the hardest places to play because of the fan noise.

Even last season during the playoff when only 10% of fans were allowed in the stadium, players with the Colts and Ravens said the noise was incredibly loud and that the fans do a great job supporting their team.

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