Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you're hosting this year it can be a stressful, daunting task.

It's supposed to be a fun day to bring family and friends closer together to give thanks.. So, I like to look for unique products to make cooking a Thanksgiving meal easier and the entire "event" more fun for all the guests...including Aunt May who hates everything.

So, here are my top items to make your Thanksgiving rock this year.

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Our first item is The Mighty Carver. It's an electric carving knife, but in the style of a freakin' chainsaw! Can you just imagine the looks on everyone's faces when you pull  out this bad-boy to carve that perfectly cooked bird? You wife might roll her eyes, but you know deep down inside she's impressed. Just don't leave it laying around because your kids will be tempted to "carve" anything they can get their hands on.

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Number 2 on my list are these funny wine bottle labels that you can stick on your favorite vino before putting them on the table. If I were you I wouldn't even mention them...just wait until your three sheets to the wind brother notices and then giggles through the rest of the meal. These are a cheap and easy laugh that could be a good conversation starter too.

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Some families insist that everyone dress up for the Thanksgiving meal. In our family it would be weird to be all dressed up when we're screaming at the TV because the Detroit Lions are losing AGAIN on Thanksgiving day. However if mom insists that you must dress up grab this very classy turkey tie and just smile when mom lets out that disappointed sigh that you just know is coming. It's fun, it's should get one.

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There are all kids of different ways to prep and cook your turkey for the big day. Brining, smoking, roasting bags, stuffing the bird with fruit or veggies, butter rub...etc. My secret to a juicy flavorful turkey is infusing it with a marinade using this meat injector syringe. It puts tons of flavor right into the meat before you even put it in the oven. Plus, as an added bonus, it's fun to come out of the kitchen with this huge hypodermic needle and ask who's ready for a little pre-meal heroin? Laughs will me. Well, maybe not from grumpy Aunt May, but like I said, "She hates everything."

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I've saved one of the best for last...ladies and gentleman I give you The Turkey Cannon. Whether you need it or not it has the most kick-ass name for any kitchen gadget. Basically, you put this "cannon" inside the cavity of the turkey and it picks up moisture and basting liquid and shoots it directly inside the a cannon! They claim it cuts your cooking time considerably and give you an amazingly moist bird. Plus, the best part is when your smug brother-in-law asks how you cooked the bird this year you can let him marvel at the thought of using a turkey cannon.

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