How much are you willing to spend on a Herkimer Diamond? Would you spend a few hundred, thousands, or $25,000?

Currently, for sale on eBay, you could buy "The Cactus." This is a museum Grade 240mm Genuine Herkimer Diamond Druze Plate. The specimen hails the name "The Cactus" due to its growth structure resembling a cactus. Here's the description from the seller:

This Genuine Herkimer Diamond Druze Specimen was hand dug at the Ace of Diamonds Mine in Middleville, NY in 2011, and comes from a limited find. Specimens of this caliber have not been found since, and only a few had been found in decades prior. This specimen has no damage and is truly a museum grade specimen for the highest level collector."

So what makes it worth $25,000? This Herkimer Diamond of this size, and quality, is rarely found. Experts say specimens like this are all tucked away in museums or private collections.

This specimen is guaranteed to be authentic, I purchased it directly from the mine when it was found in 2011 and has remained in my collection ever since. The time has come for it to find a new home, possibly in your collection."

You can buy this diamond, and learn more on eBay here. Check out some of the photos:

Check Out This $25,000 Herkimer Diamond

How much are you willing to spend on a Herkimer Diamond? Would you spend a few hundred, thousands, or $25,000? Currently, for sale on eBay, you could buy "The Cactus."

Did you know there is a local debate on the name of Herkimer Diamonds? Should we call them Herkimer Diamonds or Little Falls Diamonds?

Herkimer Diamonds were first discovered in Little Falls. This is where the debate for locals in Little Falls begins. Their argument: They were found in Little Falls and not Herkimer. However, Herkimer and Little Falls are both in Herkimer County. To add more fuel to this debate, the majority of the Herkimer Diamond deposits are found within a rock called the "Little Falls Formation."


The first discovery sites were in the village of Middleville. Some debate they should be called Middleville diamonds.

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