No matter who directs it or writes it or releases it, almost every single movie produced by a Hollywood studio gets a couple of things. They all get a trailer. They each get a poster. And nearly every poster gets a tagline; a snappy, often punny sentence or two to describe the movie. According to, the practice of giving movies taglines is more than 100 years old. Silent films from D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin had taglines.

I love a good tagline. Just last week, I was cackling over the tagline for the upcoming killer shark movie The Meg. (“Pleased to eat you.”) A few years ago, I even collected the 50 greatest taglines in movie history. But I never made a list of the worst taglines. Until today.

My picks span decades, and even include at least one Best Picture winner. (I think you’ll agree that regardless of your opinion of the movie, its tagline did not deserve an Oscar.) If you want to research further, I recommend checking out the tagline archive (which has over 16,000 taglines from more than 10,000 films) at the invaluable poster website IMP Awards. You will find many more taglines there, both hilariously great (“No dream is too B.I.G.” from the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious) and hilariously terrible (“No dream is too B.I.G.” from the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious). As for the worst of the worst, here they are...

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