They are distracting, and they are also very small. But what exactly are the shiny things on top of the buildings at Consumer Square in New Hartford?

This was a puzzling question that was very difficult to find an answer to. The natural thing is to go to Google, but without knowing exactly what they are or are called, that became a little tricky.

The term that was landed on was 'Shiny twirly thing', which believe it or not worked and got the answer. Then looking a little further, Amazon had something that looked the part and was called Bird B Gone. They keep the birds away in a very humane way. They also are pretty cost-effective as they use the wind to work. When a bird decides to land near one of these it will become startled by the reflective light and just fly onto another building. If you're curious to go take a look at these, the ones that will catch your eye the easiest are on the corners of where Spectrum resides right in the center of the plaza.

So What Do The Shiny Things Look Like?

Consumer square must be doubling down because they have those spikes on the buildings too that would prevent a bird from perching. You must also wonder, how come these Bird B Gone devices aren't on all of the buildings and only a few of them? Buildings aren't all they will work well with though, according to Amazon they also can be used on boats as well.

Have you ever seen these on any other buildings around Central New York?

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