Multiple makeshift weapons were discovered by Correctional Officers following a series of inmate on inmate fights that broke out Sunday afternoon at Mohawk Correctional Facility.

NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President Bryan Hluska says at approximately 4:47 p.m. Sunday several fights broke out among the inmates during the evening meal run. After several warnings by officers for the inmates to stop fighting, pepper spray was deployed.

After the pepper spray flew, the fighting subsided. Once the fighting ended, inmates were separated, removed from the area and decontaminated. When the dust settled, Correctional Officers discovered a total of 5 makeshift weapons, all of which had sharpened ends. Those items were collected as evidence and several inmates are expected to face disciplinary action.

Hluska says, "This incident at Mohawk was extremely scary. Multiple inmates, apparently some armed with make-shift weapons, fighting amongst each other and ignoring officers commands to stop. Thankfully the OC Pepper Spray the officers deployed had the desired effect and stopped the fights from continuing. It could have been a much different outcome otherwise."

Multiple inmates sustained minor injuries during the brawl, however they were treated by prison medical staff and are expected to be okay. No staff members were injured in the brawl.

Hluska also reported on May 4th an officer working in the package room discovered four orange strips in a large envelope that were later identified as Suboxone, which was mailed to an inmate from the Syracuse area.

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