Your cell phone rings. You look to see who's calling...and it's your own number. What should you do?

"The call is coming from inside the house." That's a line from a horror movie, but it's becoming a real scenario for Central New Yorkers. Sort of. It's a little disconcerting to look down and see your very own number on your cell's caller ID, but it's been happening with increasing frequency - even my mom got one of these calls. So what should you do?

Well, calls like this are coming from scammers. They have the technology to "spoof" your number - in other words, make whatever number they're actually calling from read as another number on your caller ID. "Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement," according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Ultimately, the scammers want you to answer the phone and give them personal information. If you see your number come up on your caller ID - don't answer it.

The FTC says "these calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day."

Although it would be great if it was a caller from future you, letting you know which numbers you should play in the Power Ball this week.

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