If you're not the biggest fan of sweater weather in the fall, this year may be your year. According to the latest long-range forecasts from the National Weather Service, we could see a warm fall and winter.

Nearly all of the continental U.S. is likely to have a warm fall this year. What does that mean for New York?

The Climate Prediction Center is watching a developing El Nino pattern in the eastern Pacific Ocean, that is likely to bring warm temperatures. So that means for fall, we will see a above-average precipitation with rain and possible snow here in Upstate:

"The temperature and precipitation outlooks are consistent with the elevated probability of El Nino development and its impacts," the center said.

The climate center, a branch of the National Weather Service, says there's a 70 percent chance of an El Nino forming this winter.

So, to make a summary of the news above: We will see warmer temperatures than normal during the fall. That will bring some rain and snow throughout the whole fall season. However, we won't see freezing temps and mountains of snow.


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