Crowds took to city streets across the country over the weekend, marching in protest to the death of George Floyd. While some protests, like Sunday's march in Utica, remained peaceful, many others, including one in Syracuse Saturday night, erupted into violence and chaos.

Syracuse Police updated residents through Facebook posts, advising them to stay away from the downtown area.

UPDATED POST—Disorderly protests have interrupted a peaceful assembly and residents are ADVISED TO CONTINUE TO STAY AWAY FROM the Downtown Area and Lower North Salina Street.

Multiple businesses have been reported damaged.


After protesters had gone home and the sun came up Sunday morning, volunteers, along with the City of Syracuse Building Trades, came together and took to the streets of downtown Syracuse to clean up the mess. Mayor Ben Walsh's office shared photos on its Facebook page of volunteers participating in the cleanup, which they organized through social media posts and texts.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon declared a State of Emergency and set a curfew for the county that will expire on June 5. Until the curfew is lifted or expires, no one is allowed to walk, drive or go to a public place in Onondaga County between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m., unless they are heading to or from work or providing essential emergency services.

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Protests in Utica went more peacefully on Sunday, as hundreds of protesters turned up in Oneida Square. Utica Police supported the protesters, and some even joined the march, holding signs of their own.

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