Vinnie Vincent has announced that his first concert in more than 30 years will be an acoustic set in Memphis. But it's possible he's also putting together a band called "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss," and could be considering releasing new music, based on applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Blabbermouth reports that Vincent, using his birth name of Vincent Cusano, submitted two applications on July 23 to protect the use of a standard character mark on the phrase "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss" for the purposes of goods and services. The mark is registered without regard for design to give its owner broader rights. One application is for "entertainment in the nature of live performances by internationally known musical artist and guitarist Vinnie Vincent; Entertainment, namely, live music concerts; Entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical band; Entertainment, namely, live performances by musical bands; Entertainment, namely, live performances by rock groups; Providing a website featuring entertainment information in the field(s) of music."

The other application is for "printed matter, namely, newspapers, photographs, magazines, books, printed periodicals, newsletters, and brochures all in the fields of securities, options and other financial instruments; Printed matter, namely, paper signs, books, manuals, curricula, newsletters, informational cards and brochures in the field of music; Printed materials, namely, curricula in the field of music; Printed materials, namely, written articles in the field of music" as well as T-shirts and "compact discs containing music."

Vincent's Dec. 7 show at the 464-seat Guest House theater at Graceland will include music from his both his Kiss tenure and his days with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Robert Fleischman, who sang on the Invasion's debut, will make a special guest appearance.

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