Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent has canceled two comeback shows set to take place in February.

This comes after the planned concerts endured a series of issues including change of date, format and band lineup since they were originally announced last year.

The Vinnie Vincent Live website was replaced with a single-page announcement from the promoter, which read: “Mr. Vincent has sent a notification letter to the promoter that he will not be performing the concerts scheduled for Feb 8th and 9th, 2019 in Nashville, TN. While we cannot discuss the terms of the contract due to a confidentiality clause within the contract, we are shocked at this development, and it is, unfortunately, beyond our control. The matter has been turned over to our attorney.

​“As they say, it's ‘now in the hands of the lawyers,’ and we will update you as we can. … We want to thank everyone who worked so diligently and tried so hard to make these shows happen. A lot of really good people were involved and tried to make these shows a reality for the fans.” The statement also contained a commitment to issue refunds to all ticket buyers no later than Feb. 10, and the page provided a form to send questions.

Some fans had feared that the concerts would not be going ahead after reports that the link to purchase tickets had been removed several days ago. Over the weekend, singer Jim Crean – who’d recently been announced as replacement for Robert Fleischman – revealed he’d never made contact with Vincent himself and had been given the role by the guitarist’s representatives. “Initially Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin, they were booked to play with Vinnie back in December and those dates got postponed,” he said (via SleazeRoxx). “I guess Robert Fleischman was going to sing for him but that did not work out. So, they were looking for a singer. … Carmine had mentioned it to me and I submitted some demo tapes to Vincent management.” Crean added: “I have never met Vinnie; I don’t know him. I only got through his managers and lawyers.”

In a promo clip released earlier this month, Vincent said: “We’re gonna kick ass. We’ve got a great band. We’re gonna cover Vinnie Vincent Invasion classics, Kiss classics, and jamming and shredding. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. … I wanna thank everybody for keeping the faith and I want to ask you all to be there.”

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