Villa Verona has converted from winemaking to making a hand sanitizer using unique ingredients that will make your hands soft. Say goodbye to red-raw itchy hands while killing germs.

Villa Verona Vineyard Winery & Bistro is giving back to the community by donating most of their hand sanitizer to first responders and local nonprofits. They are selling a small portion to help cover the cost of materials and chemicals for 75 cents per ounce with a minimum purchase of 8 ounces.

Essential employees can claim their complimentary 4oz bottle of sanitizer at the winery during special hours with a valid ID. Select nonprofits can receive larger amounts based on the size of their organization, just message the winery directly for more information.

Wednesday 12-6
Thursday 12-6
Friday 12-6
Saturday 12-5

How did they do this? Well, the owner of Villa Verona Vineyard Winery and Bistro, Mary Jo Beach, says her husband, Lloyd Ploof, is not only the winemaker but also a chemist and is following the guidelines of the World Health Organization with his sanitizer recipe. He owns a plating shop, Square one Coating Systems, and is very fluent in chemistry and the current situation.

He wanted to make sure we created a hand sanitizer that is the best available. The ingredients are 75% isopropyl alcohol, 1.45% glycerol and 0.125 % hydrogen peroxide and balanced water says Beach.

The bonus with this sanitizer is it will make your hands soft after use. That's a game-changer! And so is FREE delivery when you order their wine! Shop local.

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