It seems that every day we learn about something new that New York State has banned or is planning on banning.

From natural gas stoves to diesel trucks New York's government likes to make sure that the state is on the leading edge when it comes to reducing emissions.

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But what about certain types of fireplaces? Hot all homes are vented for a wood burning or natural gas fireplace, so can people install and use ventless fireplaces legally here in New York?

The answer in 2023 is yes! Ventless fireplaces were banned across New York State until 1996. New York along with Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, and Massachusetts all lifted their statewide ban on ventless fireplaces.

The only state that still bans them is California.

So why were ventless fireplaces banned in the first place? It has to do with the carbon monoxide released back into the room where the fireplace is located.

The fire uses oxygen and gives out carbon monoxide which can be deadly if levels become too high.

The ban was lifted after the introduction of ODS or oxygen depletion sensors. These sensors detect levels of oxygen in the room and disable your ventless fireplace prior to the room reaching any unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide.

Also, manufacturers warn that you should not run your ventless fireplace for more than just a couple of hours a day. Ventless fireplaces tend to heat up rooms faster and with more heat since none of the heat escapes through a vent.

So while ventless fireplaces are legal to own and use, you should make sure to follow all the directions to maintain a healthy environment wherever your ventless fireplace is located.

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