Chicken Riggies are indeed one of the tastiest dishes to have. It has such complexity many other dishes don't. That's sort of the confusing part.

There are simply just way too many variables. Some say Bella Regina has the hands-down best Riggies. Others may say Teddy's in Rome should have the distinction of having the best Chicken Riggies. Sure, almost every dish known to man or area staple will create the same argument. But saying one place has the best is so subjective because there is not defined version of Riggies.

What makes Chicken Riggies unique is the fact that you can almost throw anything in them. Or at least it seems many restaurants do that. This is for certain, you need to use cherry peppers. But, here are the most confusing things about Utica's signature dish.

  • Creamy or not creamy?
  • Olives or no?
  • Mushrooms or no?
  • People use banana peppers sometimes?
  • Is sausage in them acceptable?
  • Red Bell Pepper or Roasted Peppers?
  • Heavy cream or parmesan to thicken?

This is why Chicken Riggies are extremely confusing. Some people use all of those ingredients. Some use a very minimal amount. The creamy thing is just purely how you would prefer them. Olives seem like a no-way type thing, why would you use olives? So many people hate mushrooms, yet love Riggies. So that makes me think even something like mushrooms should not end up in your bowl of Chicken Riggies.

What does your ideal bowl of Chicken Riggies contain? Also, who in the Utica-Rome area has the absolute best Chicken Riggies?

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