Coming up this month, the City Of Utica Police Department is hosting a "Community Gun Buy-Back" day. This has caused many to be up in arms. 

utica guns

The police department is willing to pay you $25 for non-working guns or antique firearms, $50 for rifles and shotguns, $75 for handguns, and $100 for assault weapons. Payments are going to be made by prepaid debit cards. It'll all take place at the Utica Recreation Center on the Parkway in Utica.

Many are voicing their opinions on this event:

"Absolutely not! No! No thank you! Are people honestly this stupid! This is a lame attempt at citizen disarmament. This is very much like what Hitler did prior to World War II."


"If you wanted to get guns off the street, you could at least give decent money for them. This ain't pawn stars."


"WHY would you give up your legal right to bear arms ....for money?.....become unprotected?....not on your life sorry would NEVER release any legal weapons I owned for anyone"

What do you think about this?

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