Whether you believe in UFO's or not, this is an interesting sighting reported over New York Mills in the Utica area.

This sighting was reported to MUFON of happening on Wednesday June 10th 2020 at 11:30PM:

Witnessed by 3. There was no wind blowing that night the lights were moving on their own like they were alive. Audio removed due to foul language in the video"

There isn't a whole lot of detail, but there is a video you can watch online.

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Honestly, I love covering this paranormal style content for you....but I am skeptical of the video. The video could easily be people on the ground playing with lights, or using some sort of flashlight. The only odd part of the video for me is when it shoots up in the air so quickly, then hovers, and comes back down. But.....what do I know.

Here's some photos from the video:

New York Mills UFO Sighting- June 2020

New York Mills Doesn't Have Too Many UFO Sightings

Honestly, this sighting was one of only two reported UFO sightings over New York Mills in the past ten years. The other was reported on July 11th 2015:

1) I was sitting down watching fireworks to the East
2) Than just happened to look towards the NE and seen the light which I observed for a while till it went dim
3) I didn't think it was any thing else but a UFO because of the lights on it and how it hovered
4) the lights on the UFO were a bit odd because at first it was solid red than a few mins after it was starting to just blink different colors like red blue yellow green.
5) I just sat there for a min observing than old my mom next to and which she knew it wasn't any thing like a plane or heli because she's into UFOs and things and I also showed my friend which also thought I was a UFO
6) I lost sight of it when it just vanished , went a way , just kinda like if someone was to turn a switch off to a light, instantly off."

This post also provided a video that you can watch online. There are three photos, all of which are low quality. Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3.

UFO Sightings Over CNY 2020



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