While the Great New York State Fair hasn't officially been called off, Governor Cuomo has said holding it in the wake of the coronavirus wouldn't "be a good idea".

If the state fair doesn't happen, one of the things we'll miss the most is the food. Let's face it, the food is definitely one of the best parts of the state fair. You can eat things there you generally can't eat for the rest of the year (since so many of those foods are fried, it's probably a good thing).

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One of the most popular foods is fried Oreos. The classic Oreo cookies, covered in dough and deep-fried. It gets the Oreo nice and warm, and it's just so delicious. It's the kind of snack you generally only grab at the fair. Until now.

Credit: Beth Coombs
Credit: Beth Coombs

We wanted to make these at home - to see if we could capture that state fair flavor without the fair.

How to Make Deep Fried Oreos at Home - Deep Fried

You can do this in a deep fryer, or in a frying pan with an inch of oil. Basically, you're gonna dunk the Oreos in pancake batter, and then fry them.

You need to heat your oil to about 375 degrees. Here's what you need for the batter:

  • 1.5 cups of pancake mix (we used Bisquik)
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 large egg

You might find the batter is a little thin - so add the milk gradually. Dunk the Oreos and then get them right in the fryer or pan. Once they're golden brown, flip them over. Remove when done. They'll be HOT, so let them cool a little before you take a bite. Dust with powdered sugar.

If you want an even easier (read: neater) way to make them, grab a can of crescent rolls.

How to Make 'Deep Fried' Oreos in the Oven

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

  • Pop open the can and unroll the crescent roll dough.
  • Wrap each Oreo in a piece of dough, like a little present, sealing the edges together.
  • Place them on a non-stick cookie sheet. (Some folks are extra and top them with chocolate chips - that's your call.)

Bake until they're golden brown, about 20-25 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar, if you want to.

Honestly, the Oreos deep fried in oil give you more of a state fair vibe, but the oven-baked version is a pretty easy option - and the kids can get involved. Either way: YUM.


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