UPDATE 9/10/20:  After a huge public backlash, Los Angeles Health Officials have revised their Halloween guidelines. Some activities that we're originally prohibited, like trick or treating, is now "not recommended."

Los Angeles has banned Halloween trick-or-treating due to the risk of spreading COVID-19. Do you think that will happen in Central New York?

Los Angeles Health Officials has released a list of Halloween activities that are not permitted this year and include trick-or-treating, trunk or treating, carnivals, festivals, live entertainment, and haunted house attractions due to the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Instead, health officials suggest online parties/contests, vehicle-based parades, drive-through events, but whatever families chose to do; it must comply with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

With Central New York struggling with several COVID-19 clusters at colleges and schools, is it really unreasonable to think that Governor Andrew Cuomo will ban trick or treating and traditional Halloween activities in New York?

It will be difficult to maintain social distancing on porches, front doors, and sidewalks, especially in popular areas for trick or treating, BUT what if they have proper face mask?

We asked if Halloween should happen this year, and here's what you said:

Robin: Yes, of course, if we can shop at stores, then why not trick or treat. If you don’t feel comfortable, then don’t take your kids out. Simple as that....

Stephanie: Personally, "Hall"oween should always happen. But agree with everyone if you're not comfortable, do this year different. Maybe a scavenger hunt in the house/yard/neighborhood for "treats" or just buy a mixed bag of candy and give your child/children a bag and watch a scary movie together or walk around the neighborhood? There are lots of options; we just have to use our imaginations. 🙂

Patti: Yes. The kids will be outside, social distancing, and masks. Perfect. We all need this. 🎃

Kelly: Yessssss!!!!! You can wear a mask as part of your costume. And because the kids need a little bit of fun & happiness, their whole summer was shot!

Gina: Sure, if everyone wears a mask.

Amy: Absolutely! The kids deserve it.🎃

Elaine: Yes, they've taken everything else; they can't take Halloween.

Donna: Yes, let the children dress up, wear masks, and have fun. It's not there fault this happened to enjoy Halloween, collect all the goodies, and check them before you eat.

It sounds like if Halloween is cancelled in CNY, there could be a riot to deal with.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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