Tour Lake George on a Tiki Boat.

Take a Tiki Tour in a roof-covered, 12-passenger floating tiki boat to enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake George on the water.

Whether you want to cruise around with your friends on the Lake or stop at a local establishment, the floating, motorized tiki boats are available for 75-minute charters driven by a New York State certified Captain.

Tours are available 7 days a week, from 11 am to 8 pm, June through September.

75 minute tour (Sunday- Wednesday): $45 online | $55 walk up
75 minute tour (Thursday- Saturday): $55 online | $65 walk up

Tiki Tours has social distance guidelines are in place when taking a tour.

  • All passengers will adhere to social distancing guidelines while on the tour. Exceptions will be for individuals who have been quarantined together
  • To help decrease the spread of any germs onboard the charter we suggest our passengers use the restroom beforehand, stay to the same seat and not share or pass any objects between them
  • Our captains will be advising groups on how to embark and disembark on the tiki before and after their tours
  • Face masks will be available onboard for passengers if they do not have one
  • Captains will be sanitizing the boat bin between tours
  • Other measures will be explained further to all passengers

To book a tour call (800) 691-0770 or email Learn more at

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