We all know New York state is the best when it comes to pizza. But what about other Italian dishes? Is it safe to say we know what we're doing in the department too?

One restaurant here in Central New York can, as they not only have award winning pizza, but now award winning calzones.

According to CNY Central, Peppino’s on Syracuse’s northside entered the World Calzone Championship that was held at the Pizza & Pasta Northeast Competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The owner of Peppino's, John Vigliotti, told CNY Central that it was the first ever calzone contest in the United States, and they entered and won.

We made a calzone with our classic aged dough process. We got the ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese, which traditionally sets the tone for a calzone. We added Italian sausage and pistachio pesto, which is just incredible and goes great with the sausage and the creaminess of both cheeses.

The contest judges based their ranking on “overall menu fit, use of quality ingredients, overall taste, preparation, and presentation.”

In 2016, Peppino's won second place for their pizza in the  traditional category at the International Pizza Expo held in Las Vegas.

Peppino’s is located at 1849 Grant Blvd. in Syracuse. You can check out their full menu and see all the delicious things they have to offer by visiting mypeppinos.com. They also have packages and a mobile pizzeria in case you'd like to get some kind of an event catered.

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