The polish put on Tom Thibodeau’s New York Knicks is starting to rub off, with the same look the team has had for two decades, the question now, can they win enough games to make the postseason.

All teams hit a rough patch during the course of the season, but the Knicks seem to slump during the worst times, and with 20 games remaining, and a 1-5 record over the past six games, the Knicks are clinging to the eighth position (25-27) in the Eastern Conference.

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The Knicks have improved their team defense this year, but they seem to make a great deal of key mistakes during the final minutes of games, they should have won.

Julius Randle has been exceptional this season and has won several games for the team with his all star play, but lately we’re seeing mass turnovers and poor shot selections in the waning minutes, coupled with a collapse on the defense.

The team is frustrated and once again are finding ways to lose games against teams they should beat.

The last two games, to the Nets, and the Celtics, were both lost by two points each, and then a switch is turned on and the poor play begins letting the opposition catch up and take over.

The Knicks are 2 and 8 on games decided by three points or fewer, they even lost to the leagues worst, the Minnesota Timberwolves by one point.

The Knicks next three games are at home with Memphis Tonight, Toronto on Sunday, and the Lakers Monday Night, they need to win these games.

RJ Barret was quoted in the New York Post as saying “it’s annoying losing these two-point games”

The frustration is clearly there, and the fans (mostly watching from their armchairs at home) are deserving of a few winning seasons.

The question is, will we even get a one and done in the playoffs this year? Eight years and crossing your fingers.

Go Knicks



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