Community members in Rome are standing behind the Destito Family and their latest decision that they made after operating a restaurant that has been a staple for the last 114 years.

Thursday, it was announced that The Savoy Restaurant, a quaint Italian restaurant with "vintage charm courtesy of well-worn portraits, photos & school flags" in Rome, would be "on pause" until further notice.

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A memo was posted to The Savoy Facebook page to give customers and community members an explanation:

"The past two years, and the pandemic, has created numerous challenges for businesses and their owners," said the post. "Restaurants have had to endure many changes, staff shortages, rising costs and limited supplies. It is with all of this in consideration the Destito family has decided that The Savoy will take a 'time out' until further notice."

The Destitos and The Savoy Restaurant have been in business since 1908 - that's a LONG time.

Although it's really sad news for anyone who would frequently dine there, the silver lining is that it's not a permanent choice. If the world gets back to a more consistent place, they could reopen for business.

The reasoning behind the "time out" makes sense - and is the reason why so many locally owned businesses have had to close their doors for good.

The Desito Family motto is this: "It has been our desire to establish this place as a retreat where you may find surcease and relief from the everyday cares of life. We don't want you to look upon it as a restaurant, café or cabaret, but as a haven where you will be assured of relaxation and a pleasant hour or two safe in the port of sincere hospitality."

Hopefully, going forward, we'll be able to see them thriving in the place that has been so close to their family for years and can enjoy their food once again.

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