Central New York has already seen a share of winter weather, but the recent mid-west snowstorms was a wake-up call for many, "hey winter is a little early this year." It even has people talking about

The website 24/7 Wall Street set out to determine the coldest town in each state. And along the way, some things were learned. Smaller communities lead the list in almost every state. Add some higher elevation and proximity to a body of water and you have the perfect recipe for cold temps.

Obviously, that means New York's coldest town will most likely be in the Adirondacks. And with a river running through town, there's plenty of water too. This makes the Coldest Town in New York... Saranac. Population 4000, elevation 1,257 feet with Saranac River winding its way through town.  Here are the stats that gave them the title:

  • Average low temperature 27.4
  • January is the coldest month with an average low of 1.6
  • On average, there are 291.4 days a year where the temp is 32 or below

Find the coldest town in all 50 states in the article at 24/7 Wall Street. By the way, I already looked, Kula is the coldest town in Hawaii. The average low temp is 55.7 and the number of days it doesn't reach 32 is ZERO.

Saranac Highway Dept
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