Even I have the app downloaded to my phone...well, I DID until I learned that FaceApp is actually a security risk for my phone and my pictures.

Here's the deal: FaceApp was created back in 2017 by developers at Wireless Lab in St. Petersburg, Russia. The New York Post warns "FaceApp, which you grant permission to access your photo gallery, also includes in their Terms and Conditions that they have the right to modify, reproduce and publish any of the images you process through its AI."

So what does that mean?

It means they can use any of your pictures that you process - whether it's to look old, or have blonde hair, or whatever  - in any way they want, and you can't do anything about it.

It's not just that. Tech Crunch points out something else important: FaceApp processes your picture in the cloud. That means it sends your photo off your phone, processes it, then sends it back. So, FaceApp has access to all your pictures, and now it's sending some of them to the cloud.

"Given how many screenshots people take of sensitive information like banking and whatnot, photo access is a bigger security risk than ever these days. With a scraper and optical character recognition tech you could automatically turn up a huge amount of info way beyond “photos of people," points out Tech Crunch.

Even the technology blog Mashable reminds us to be cautious, pointing out that even though there's no evidence this is happening with FaceApp, other photo apps have been used to train computers in facial recognition and or access personal data.

So what's the bottom line?

Personally, I deleted the app. Next time I want to know what I'll look like old, I'll just look at pictures of my grandmother or hang with my mom.

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