A terrified mother has been running with her daughter on a road in Central New York for over a century.

Seneca Hill, on Route 57 in Oswego, is home to a young woman and her 6-year-old daughter who many believe are the ghosts of William Cooper's family. Legend has it, that Cooper came home drunk in the spring of 1898. He shot at his wife during an argument but missed. She grabbed her daughter and ran to a nearby home, according to Seeks Ghosts. Cooper tracked his wife down, shot the neighbor, Charles Smedley, missed his wife, and then committed suicide.

The gruesome murder-suicide was reported in the New York Times on June 25, 1898.

Credit - JR Korpa via Unsplash
Credit - JR Korpa via Unsplash

Mother Daughter Sightings

Those who have seen the mother/daughter ghosts describe the girl as being barefoot and both are wearing white nightgowns.

Jenny Gage grew up around the area and said she'd seen the woman twice.

"Once after passing through Minetto on 48 heading toward Oswego. Years later she was seen again, by herself walking on the road parallel across the river."

Darlene Tassie said she saw the woman every night when she was little.

"She would stand across from my house by the mailbox and wait for this car to pick her up. The car would drive her down the road where the cemetery is and you could see her get out of the car. It was like he kept taking her back to her resting place. And outside my home, you could hear knocking all around the house every night."

Seneca Hill isn't the only place the mother/daughter duo has been spotted in Central New York.

Her ghost has been seen along Kingdom road and Dutch Ridge road. Her apparition has also been spotted on Route 481, along the railroad tracks, Route 57, along the shore and Route 45 near Minetto.

The terrified duo seems to only come out in July and October but are most active in November.

So if you're driving around Oswego, you may want to keep an eye out.

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