UPDATE: 04/02/2022  1003  As of April 2, 2022 the petition has been signed by 1,932 people.

SUNY Poly Petition
SUNY Poly Petition

Original Story:

A petition drive is underway opposing Governor Hochul’s proposal to strip SUNY Poly in Marcy of its College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and give it to the University of Albany.

courtesy of Oneida County
courtesy of Oneida County

Oneida County is circulating a petition against Hochul’s plan as part of its “SUNY Poly Stays Put” campaign, which seeks community support in the fight against the maneuver.

“Since advancing this ill-conceived proposal as part of her State of the State, we have been fighting tooth and nail to get Gov. Hochul to reconsider,” said County Executive Anthony Picente. “This petition is the latest measure in a battle that we will continue until we are assured that ‘SUNY Poly Stays Put."

Picente first sent a letter to Governor Hochul in January expressing concern over the proposal.

That letter was also signed by Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon, New York State Senator Joseph Griffo and New York State Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon.

The notion of stripping us of SUNY Poly, a world-class research institution, and the only one in our region, is an insult to the students, professors, companies and the organizations that have invested in its spectacular success, Picente added.

Since its inception in 2014, SUNY Poly has been embraced by the region.

Wolfspeed, Rome Labs, the Innovare Advancement Center and the Griffiss Institute, among others, are investing heavily in joint research and workforce development programs to grow SUNY Poly to its current prominence.

Regional leaders believe that diminishing SUNY Poly in any way, could move efforts to advance the region backward.

You can sign the petition online.

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