Anyone who spends times on the lakes and cabins around the Adirondacks gets enjoyment from the unique sounds put forth by the Loons. Their frolicking and splashing in the water is sure to be a better stress reliever than any prescription medication or massage. Our Wildlife Photographer, William Straite, shared some picturesque shots of the birds at play.

Just like any art form or hobby, sometimes the ideas just aren’t flowing. The words to a song don’t magically happen, the golf ball goes where it wants not where you aimed, and in the case of photography, wildlife doesn’t appear. William has captured the birth and first flight of the twin eagles, the Osprey’s battle for the nest, and the baby loons on Raquette Lake.

The downside of photography is that no matter how many miles you drive, how many hours you research, or how many hours you spend on watch….sometimes there’s just nothing to photograph.

So now, he’s off on an adventure to the White Mountain National Forest, an 800,000-acre wildland in Eastern New Hampshire and western Maine. Some six million people visit each year hoping to get a look at the large populations of Moose, Black Bear, and many other forms of wildlife. It's home to the Kancamagus Scenic Byway, a 34 mile scenic drive through the mountains.

After travelling for four days and 13-hundred miles the closest thing to a moose William  encountered was a sign reading, "“Brake for Moose It Could Save Your Life, Hundreds of Collisions.” If you have followed our weekly series with William, you know he's not giving up, they gather their belongings and head for the legendary Squam Lake where the scenes for On Golden Pond were filmed.

When you arrive it becomes painfully clear that the lake is now surrounded by exclusive camps and the only public access is 2 very small boat launches and 2 small beaches that provide little view of the lake.

He's not done yet, it's on to Pontook Reservoir a known "bird hotspot." It's a jackpot of Loons for William and his fellow travelers as the birds put on a visual show straight out of the movie.

What a totally awesome goodbye show we were treated to by the Pontook Loons. Somehow 1300 miles doesn’t seem all that long.

Grab your favorite beverage and check out these awesome photos, sure to lower your blood pressure.

Common Loons on Pontook Reservoir

Adult Loons Swimming and Splashing in Pontook Reservoir

Pictures of Raquette Lake Loons and Their Two Chicks

Father and Mother Loons with their two chicks on Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks

Eaglet Born on Susquehanna River Takes First Flight

American Bald Eaglet flies for the first time

Osprey Pair's Nest Under Attack in Rome

A male and female Osprey, mating and nesting eggs for weeks is attacked and taken over by another male bird.

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