It's a story as old as time. Co-workers swiping a little of this and a little of that from workplace refrigerators, but what started as occasional theft has grown to a daily occurrence.

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The next time that you think you can stash your creamer or your sandwich in the fridge at your workplace, remind yourself that you can't. That what you place in the fridge is no longer sacred and once put on the shelf, it basically wears a tag inviting anyone who wants it to take it to do so.

If you think that it's just one or two of your co-workers helping themselves to what belongs to you, think again. Nearly five percent of people surveyed admit that they have stolen something in the office fridge that that belonged to a co-worker a couple of times because they simply couldn't resist. Another four percent of people outright admit that they steal their co-worker's lunches on the regular, but gave no reason for the thievery.

If we break down the numbers, that means that one in 12 people in your office has stolen something from the fridge at least once or twice in the last year and it's only January. While it's one thing if there's leftover food from a gathering and it's free for anyone who wants to nibble, it's a totally different thing if your co-workers are stealing something that personally belongs to you and has been labeled so.

Looking for a way to deter the people you work with from stealing your stuff in the fridge? Think about investing in a lunchbox that comes with its very own lock.

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