You might have heard that The Hallmark Channel is playing all their sappy Christmas Movies to help cheer people up during the coronavirus pandemic. People are spending more time at home and this seems like a good distraction.

Now before you say, "How does this apply to me, the sports fan?" Hear me out.

My Dad is a HUGE basketball fan and he looks forward to planting himself down on the couch and watching the NCAA Tournament for the entire month of March. Well, obviously that's not happening. What's even more fun for him is filling out his bracket, trash-talking his friends and putting a big $5 bet down that his is the winning bracket. Of course without the NCAA Tournament, there is no bracket to fill out.

That's where The Hallmark Channel comes in. My Dad loves those schmaltzy holiday movies they play and are playing again right now. In addition, to playing the movies they have their very own Merry Madness Christmas Bracket Challenge. Hallmark Christmas movies head to head until one is crowned the champion. Yeah, I know it's not the same.....but it's something to take our mind off all the sports we don't have right now.

By the way, I have "Christmas Town" taking it all after a head to head battle with "Christmas In Montana" just can't go against Candace Cameron Bure BABY!

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