It was in June 2019 that 10-year-old Blake Seymour opened his own bait business in Ilion. Blake's Baits expanded their business to the marina in Frankfort, but now they're thinking of pulling the location due to someone stealing the worms and the money.

Blake's Baits began with a cooler outside the Seymour home that operates on a "honor system." Blake collects the night crawlers and places them in donated containers from Franco's in Ilion. He then leaves the bait in the cooler and people can come, pick some up and leave the money behind.

Photo Courtesy of Blakes Baits via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Blakes Baits via Facebook

Recently, Blake added an additional location by the marina in Frankfort. As a Facebook post suggests, Blake was very excited to meet Mayor Rick Adams and add the location, but the "honor system" has shown to not be honorable. The same Facebook post suggests that people have been taking the worms, NOT leaving the money and taking that as well.

The Facebook post states, "he [Blake] was so disappointed today when we checked his cooler at the Marina and the worms were gone and so was the money. This is now the second time at this site and the only site we had issues. We thank Mayor Adams and the Village of Frankfort for letting us set up there but we will probably pull that cooler."

All told, the inventory in that cooler was low and the loss was $8. For an 11-year-old kid $8 is a lot and it's hard to imagine why someone would do such a thing. We hope that somehow the person who did this will have a change of conscious and return the money. The Facebook post reads, "If we ever find out who took it we will gladly share his or her name with all of you." And if you happen to be on Otsego Street in Ilion and are planning a fishing trip, stop by and support Blake's Baits.

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