Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri has declared a snow Emergency in the City of Utica.

The Snow Emergency will go into effect at 10:00 tonight.

All vehicles must be removed from city streets by 10:00 to facilitate safe passage for snow removal and emergency vehicles.

Any vehicles left on city streets after 10:00 tonight will be subjected to ticketing and towing.

The Snow Emergency will remain into effect until further notice.

A Lake Effect Snow Warning is in effect for Central New York until 1:00 Tuesday.morning.

The National Weather Service says snow accumulations of 10 to 20 inches are possible in northern Oneida County, with 6 to 12 inches possible in southern Oneida County.

There will also be a Wind Chill will also be in effect from 1:00AM to 10AM on Tuesday, January 11.

The forecast is on Wednesday includes warmer temperatures, with mostly cloudy skies during the day.  Snow showers are in the forecast on Wednesday night, with a chance of freezing drizzle in the overnight hours.  At this time no weather warnings are in effect but forecasters caution that driving could be dangerous in the early morning hours leading into Thursday.

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