A physician at Slocum Dickson Medical Group has tested positive for COVID-19 and has already made a full recovery, according to Dr. James Cesare.

Dr. Cesare is the President of Slocum Dickson and he confirmed to WIBX that one of their physicians did test positive for Coronavirus and it's believed that doctor may have been infected by an asymptomatic patient.

According to Dr. Cesare, as soon as the doctor began feeling the mildest of symptoms he self-quarantined and later tested positive. "By the time the test returned the physician was already much better. That physician stayed quarantined for a full 14 days and has made a full recovery," said Dr. Cesare.

An official with Slocum Dickson addressed the issue of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies. Currently, there are adequate numbers of PPE for physicians and staff, but the supplies are limited. That official says, "It remains very difficult to obtain more supplies since most suppliers are concentrating on high demand areas in our country with high numbers of cases."

As most people have been suggesting, it is important to continue to practice social distancing and proper hygiene habits.

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