What if you could pay to drive above the speed limit on the NYS Thruway without consequences? It sounds like a crazy idea, but let's think it through.

New York Post writer John Crudele proposed the idea, and we have to admit, he might be on to something.

Let's face it, if you've ever driven along the NYS Thruway, if you're driving 65 mph, you're one of the slower cars on the road. Vehicles are passing you at upwards of 80 mph. Very few people actually drive the speed limit all the time, let's be honest.

So what if, as Crudele suggests, you can buy a pass from the state, say for $500 that allows you to drive 80-85mph without risking a ticket. He suggests this could work through the EZ pass system. (We're not sure how that would work, but between GPS, cell phones and all the technology in vehicles, there's got to be a way.)

In a way, you could create the equivalent of a car pool lane - just for people going fast - who pay for the privilege.

Why not? It's a way for the state to raise some revenue. Of course, you can't drive like an idiot, or drive under the influence - but you can drive faster, like you do anyway, without the fear of getting a ticket.

Of course, if there was a law I could be allowed to pay to break, it would have to be getting free refills at basically any restaurant, because, y'know, I'm hardcore.

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