Words are powerful and so are names and this is one city in New York State that you will want to avoid heading to based on its name.

When you think of New York State you think of the rolling hills of Western New York, the Mountains in the central part of the state, and of course New York City, aka the Big Apple.

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What you don't want to think of is your own demise. Names are powerful and many times cities and towns are named after something that happened in the area.

With that being said, if you are superstitious you might want to avoid the town of West Kill, New York. Staying alive is priority number 1 for a lot of people so why even temp Fatih by spending time in West Kill?

The good news is that according to Wikipedia, West Kill, New York is not named after a brutal murder, in fact, it is named for the creek that runs through the Hamlet. The West Kill creek starts in the Catskills mountain range and then flows west through the Spruceton Valley to the hamlet of West Kill. From there it turns to a more northerly course to the Schoharie at Lexington.

If you do like walking on the wild side and want to visit West Kill, New York. It is located in Greene, County within the city of Lexington.

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